JAAFAR JACKSON is a rising singer, songwriter and entertainer and model in Los Angeles, California. He is the second youngest son to legendary singer, songwriter, and producer Jermaine Jackson and nephew to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and Queen of Pop, Janet Jackson. 




Jaafar Jackson is following in his famous father and uncle’s footsteps as a pioneer in breaking and pushing boundaries in the music industry.

Beginning his music career at the tender age of 12, Jaafar is well versed in playing the piano and has developed a slew of techniques and a wealth of knowledge of music and artistry.

Jaafar has been creating and recording music for a decade. He is and has been spending a lot of time in the studio with many writers and producers, including Teddy Riley, Omar Walker, Kwajo “Cinquo” Boateng, Mischke, Sam Watters as well as Mike Jackson, Earl Powell and Jeffrey Roberson.

Jaafar has hopes of collaborating with people like Rick Rubin, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Daniel Caesar, Sabrina Claudio, Childish and Gambino in the future. 

Jaafar Jackson is releasing brand new music very soon! 

Debut Single

With his debut single and music video “Got Me Singing”, Jaafar Jackson is raising his own bar. With it’s bold, flirtatious lyrics backed by it’s Caribbean inspired melodic content, “Got Me Singing’” has a certified summertime vibe. Shot in Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the accompanying video has since garnered over 6 million views on YouTube. With it’s eye-catching choreography intertwined with an intoxicating, yet chill atmosphere, this was to be expected.

Got Me Singing

Released 28 June 2019

℗ 2019 Jusic Group, Inc.


Produced by Hardy Indiigo

Co-produced by Jaafar Jackson

Written by Jaafar Jackson and Hardy Indiigo

Guitars by Brandyn

Engineered by Barrington

Arrangements by Pablo d'Yvoire

Vocal arrangements by Mischke.

Mixed by Hardy Indiigo and Barrington


Director: Marcos Cavallaria
Script: theCHLDRN
Creative Agency/Management: theCHLDRN
Executive Producers: Felipe Tadeu & Marcos Cavallaria.
Production: Cavallaria & Mangaba Produções.
Casting: Jaafar Jackson, Amanda Costa, Mariana Nery, Normann Shay and Hardy Indiigo.
DoP: Ambrose Eng
Producers: Priscilla Paciello (Mangaba Produções), Valeria Amorim, Evelyn Rangel.
Choreography: Normann Shay


Telling stories of life experiences, telling stories that are in my head, can be fictional stories,. I love storytelling, I always want to have that in my music and also make people aware of the things that are going on around the world and send a positive message,

- Jaafar Jackson

Management:  3V Method

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